4 Easy Recipes Kids Will Love this Summer

Our favourite recipes to make with kids this Summer
15 Aug

4 Easy Recipes Kids Will Love this Summer


Schools out for Summer, which means it’s the perfect time of year for children to start new hobbies and learn to cook.

Cooking is a great activity for the Summer holidays, and perfect for any kind of weather. It’s educational, interactive, practical. Plus, it’s cheaper than many other holiday activities, and you get something tasty to eat at the end!


Summer Holiday Cooking

We’ve been running holiday cooking clubs at 4Lunch for 3 years now, working in collaboration with the Co-operative Academy Manchester and H3 Helping the Homeless into Housing. It’s always a lot of fun involving kids in cooking and baking, as well as working with parents to create delicious meals from scratch.


summer holiday cooking

Our cookery classes are interactive, practical and always a lot of fun!


If you didn’t manage to make it to one of our classes, here are the best recipes the kids love (and I love) to make…

They’ve been taste-tested and approved, so it’s the perfect opportunity to get cooking with your kids. Share with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram how you get on!


Banana & Mango Smoothie

This smoothie can be made in 2 minutes and kids absolutely love it. It’s super smooth, and the blending of frozen mango makes it the perfect drink for hot Summer days.

Simply blend 900g of frozen mango with 3 bananas and 500ml of orange juice until smooth.


summer holiday cooking


Savoury Baked Crepes

Everyone loves pancakes and this savoury version is made with just flour, eggs, milk, salt and spring onions. Once the crepes are made in a frying pan, you stuff them with any filling you like: chicken, ham, cheese, spinach, mushrooms… it’s your choice!


Summer holiday cooking

Flipping pancakes before filling them


Finally, bake in the oven until the cheese had melted. They are super filling and fun to make. Here is the full Savoury Baked Crepes recipe.



Flatbread Pizzas

If you are making savoury crepes, you might have extra veg, cheese or meat left over. An easy way to use these bits up is to make a flatbread pizza.

Kids love deciding what they want to go on top of their own personal pizza, and it’s a great way to add vegetables like peppers, onions, mushrooms and sweetcorn to meals. Just make sure to go easy on the cheese!



For the base, simply use flatbread, pittas or tortilla wraps. Even naan bread works well!

Here is the full flatbread pizza recipe, although it’s so simple, you don’t really need one!


Berry Tarts

These individual tarts taste just as good as they look, and kids will love whipping the cream, slicing the strawberries and putting their final touches onto the tarts.



Firstly, whip the double cream until thickened. Add a dollop of lemon curd and mix into the cream.

Next, spoon the cream into pastry tartlet cases (you can buy these at Tesco).

Next, top with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

Finally, mix strawberry jam with warm water to make a glaze. Brush on top of the berries to create a lovely shine.


Summer Holiday Cooking

The girls enjoying their own personal berry tarts.


Enjoy cooking this Summer!

Want more recipe ideas? Check out our recipes page for more inspiration.


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