Campus Cookery at the University of Manchester

Our new cookery course for first-year university students
1 Sep

Campus Cookery at the University of Manchester

We are very excited to announce that 4Lunch is working with the ResLife team at the University of Manchester to bring our new Campus Cookery course to first-year students living in university halls.

Moving to university and living away from home for the first time is one of the most exciting, but sometimes daunting, experiences.

Eating well and cooking healthy meals for yourself at university isn’t usually a top priority for students. But learning how to cook is an important part of learning to live independently. Being able to whip up a decent home-cooked meal in your university halls will have huge benefits for your overall health and wellbeing, giving you the energy to study, socialise and make the most out of university, as well as save you some pennies!



From The University of Manchester to 4Lunch

As a former University of Manchester student, I lived in halls in my first year, which is why this project is very close to my heart! I remember my mind drifting to what I was going to have for dinner, usually during the last lecture of the day. If I wanted to eat something, I had to learn how to cook it!

Living away from home for the first time forced me to learn to cook for myself. I ended up enjoyed it so much, I’m now running 4Lunch!


campus cookery

Me in my uni house, finding the time to cook a healthy dinner, before heading on a night out!


Campus Cooking with the University of Manchester

The University of Manchester has the biggest student community in the UK, with 8,000 rooms in 20 halls of residence, and over 40,000 students overall. That’s a lot of students for us get to!

4Lunch will be delivering our cookery classes directly on campus, at Owen’s Park in Fallowfield on:

Monday 19th November

Monday 26th November

Monday 3rd December

Monday 10th December

All 6pm to 8.30pm

New students coming to live in Owens Park this year can sign up by emailing mark.hibbert@manchester.ac.uk.

Places are limited and cost just £40 for 4 sessions.

We expect a waiting list, so I’ll be sharing my top student cooking tips and tricks on the 4Lunch blog for those that don’t manage to attend. Keep your eyes peeled!


Campus Cookery

Learn how to cook at Owens Park, Fallowfield.


What we’ll be cooking…

Session 1: 10-minute meals

Whip up quick and tasty meals with just a handful of fresh and store cupboard ingredients. Practice your knife skills and learn about kitchen timing and organisation in this first session.

You will make:

Session 2: Easy Batch Cooking

A little food preparation in advance means that you will be a step ahead when it comes to lectures and seminars at uni after big nights out. Save money and keep energised with these healthy and cheap recipes.

You will make:

Session 3: Healthy Food on a Budget

These flavour-packed recipes will become your go-to meals, especially when your student budget is tight. Skip the takeaways and opt for these nourishing meals instead.

You will make:

Session 4: Take Away Favourites

We all have cravings for takeaways, especially if you have a hectic student schedule and live close to takeaways. However, fast food can often be fattening and can add up in cost. Learning to make these homemade versions of take away favourites will help you to save money and eat more healthily.

You will make:

  • Veggie-packed Noodles
  • Homemade Burgers
  • Chicken Nuggets

Cooking 101

During the Campus Cookery course, you will be introduced to many key cooking skills, including:

  • Preparing onions
  • Preparing peppers
  • Preparing garlic
  • Preparing chillies
  • Preparing ginger
  • Preparing avocado
  • Preparing herbs
  • Preparing potatoes
  • Cooking rice
  • Preparing eggs
  • Making a vinaigrette
  • Making a ragu sauce
  • Making a batter
  • Making a gravy
  • Making a dough
  • Cooking chicken safely
  • Steaming fish
  • Cooking grains
  • Cooking pasta

These are skills you will use throughout life and will allow you to enjoy delicious meals for years to come.

Campus Cookery


On the Blog

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Happy cooking everyone!


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