Can I Really Make a Difference?

Given the right opportunities and support, everyone is capable of making a positive change in their life.
16 Nov

Can I Really Make a Difference?

As much as we want to enact positive change in the world and make a difference, social entrepreneurs often overestimate their capabilities and responsibilities.

Social entrepreneurs are by default, very optimistic and hopeful for the future. But this doesn’t mean they are miracle workers.

In order for someone to start making positive life choices for themselves, they need to be ready for a change.


Who is Responsible for Making a Change?

At the start of my journey with 4Lunch, I dedicated a lot of time and effort to people that weren’t quite ready for the world of work.

It wasn’t the right moment in their journey. At the time, I felt that I should have done more.

When someone quits or doesn’t show up, I feel a sense of personal responsibility. Was there anything I could have done to stop that from happening? Or was it beyond my control?

When I first started 4Lunch, I thought my job would primarily involve cooking and teaching. But I found myself having to rise up to the challenge of being simultaneously a caterer, social worker, fundraiser, mentor and accountant. This is the life of a social entrepreneur.


make a difference

Always working, spending time and energy on teaching projects… some were worthwhile, others were futile.


A Worthwhile Use of Time

If you take on too much personal responsibility for moving people on from their current situation to somewhere better, it can be difficult for them to take responsibility for the change themselves.

There is a delicate art to learning how to approach working with certain people. I’ve learned that you can’t deliver the same course in the same way, because each person and each group can be so different. No matter how well you plan, success depends on how people feel on the day.

Despite the difficulties and hard truths I’ve had to accept, I still sincerely believe that given the right opportunities and support, everyone is capable of making a positive change in their life.


make a difference

Me with a student I loved teaching and working with, and who took on our support to create her own food business. 4Lunch is worth all the effort for projects like these.


How to Make a Difference

It’s always good to remind yourself of the positive comments that emerge through doing these projects through a Social Value Report. Sometimes you need a reminder that this work is meaningful and worth the effort.

A few of my favourite comments from 4Lunch students:

“I try more things, I can now experiment with food”

“I have gained more knowledge about cooking from scratch”

“I am more confident with food”

“I can make healthier choices when cooking food for my family”

“I’ve enjoyed connecting with others instead of being alone”

“I have something to look forward to every month”

“It keeps me busy and makes me feel more productive”

“I feel like I’m doing something useful”

“I have new knowledge in cooking techniques”

“You have helped me become more professional, gain work experience, improved confidence and business skills”

“I now have more motivation to set up my own business doing something that I enjoy”

“I have increased ambitions for the future and have a more professional focus in my life”

“By far the best decision I made this semester. Every student needs to come on a course like this”

Our learners come from all walks of life, but it’s a shared interest in food which has brought everyone together, and we are always trying to create a memorable, relaxed and fun experience for our groups.