I’m Moving!

Back in August 2013, I decided to dedicate myself to an idea for a social enterprise that would use food to improve the lives of disadvantaged groups in Greater Manchester. 4Lunch was born and it’s been my baby ever since. After many amazing years living in...

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Making it as a Community Cafe

We've been in conversation with Hannah, serial social entrepreneur and creator of beautiful cafe spaces, to talk about how she started not just one, but two community cafes in Manchester.     Hannah is the brains behind both Home Community Cafe in Didsbury and Milk & Honey Cafe...

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Developing Resilience

Resilience is not a quality some people are born with and some not. The creative, entrepreneurial process requires a relentless commitment to solving complex problems and resilience must be learned. Resilience is developed by applying consistent effort, exerted day after day, over a long period of time....

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