Food + Community + Enterprise = 4Lunch

4Lunch projects are all about sharing the experience of cooking with new groups in unusual and unique ways.
25 May

Food + Community + Enterprise = 4Lunch

4Lunch is all about using the power of food to make a real difference in people’s lives, in terms of social benefits, health & wellbeing and skills & employment. Our community food projects do just that.

Cooking a meal is one of the most basic things you can do. Some people love it, and some people hate it. But everyone has to eat.

What’s less obvious is the immense sense of achievement that cooking a dish from start to finish can have on a person, especially when cooking for others. Some of the proudest moments in my life have been cooking food for people and knowing that they are enjoying it.

There is a formula at work: a passion for food + community impact + enterprise skills = 4Lunch food projects

Here is a lowdown of a handful of our most memorable food projects. They encapsulate everything 4Lunch is about.


City of Sanctuary Catering at Whitworth Art Gallery

Food: Falafel Wraps, Hummus, Chana Chaat, Veggie Snacks, Green Chutney, Sandwiches.

Community: Asylum Seekers from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Congo, Pakistan, Kuwait, and Iran.

Enterprise: Designing, preparing and serving a vegetarian menu at Whitworth Art Gallery for 200 people.

Organisation: Manchester City of Sanctuary.

“We were able to cook a higher quality of food in a safe and professional way”

“Everyone felt more valued and invested in”

“We are more focused and organised and everyone knows what to do”




Moss Side International Food Festival

Food: Jamaican Patties, Tacos, Jerk Chicken, Peri Peri Burgers, Pierogis

Community: Moss Side Girls Group

Enterprise: Setting up and serving food at the first Moss Side International Food Festival in Alexandra Park

Organisation: Reclaim

“The sessions were ideal for the group. They were informative, supportive, relaxed and fun. This was the ideal programme for our charity.”

“4Lunch were fantastic in supporting our aim to facilitate our young working class young people showing the huge amount of talent they have.”



Recipe for Success Pop Up Restaurant in Oldham

Food: Sweet Potato & Lentil Soup, Greek Salad, Ratatouille, Paella, Chocolate Pots, Apple Cake

Community: Community Food Entrepreneurs in Oldham

Enterprise: Recipe for Success business course, finishing with a pop-up restaurant fundraiser in a community allotment

“I wouldn’t have done anything with my business idea without this course!”

“It has improved my confidence and reminded me of the skills I had when I was working, and it’s also given me new skills.”




Recipe for Success Pop Up Restaurant at the Old Abbey Taphouse

Food: Keralan Fish Cakes, Calzones, Walnut Cake

Community: Community Food Entrepreneurs in Manchester

Enterprise: Recipe for Success business course, finishing with a pop-up restaurant fundraiser.

“I’ve always been good at baking and had been supplying other people with pastries. I wanted to branch out by myself, but didn’t know where to start! The course helped me to find my own bookings, and I’ve managed to get a market stall pitch and catering orders – that’s everything I wanted.”


food entrepreneurs


The Key Ingredients for Success

We hope you feel inspired to start using the power of food to create your own community projects. If so, keep in mind these key ingredients that will help you make it a success.

  1. Patience and being able to create a relaxed atmosphere.
  2. Listening to the group you are working with.
  3. Organisation and time-keeping, without becoming flustered.
  4. Being friendly, kind and supportive.
  5. Tailoring your project, no project is ever exactly the same.
  6. Catering knowledge – knowing what is required to feed a large number of people.