Recipe for Success: Food Entrepreneurs in the Making

Finding the support you need to start a food business
food entrepreneurs
5 Apr

Recipe for Success: Food Entrepreneurs in the Making

I started my food business when I was 22 years old, way back in 2013.

Like all businesses, 4Lunch started off as just an idea in my head.

Fast-forward to today, I now call myself a food entrepreneur and that initial idea has been transformed into a real job! (I still have to pinch myself!)


From Idea to Reality

That transformation from idea to reality is a process that I’ve been trying to pin down over the last year or so. Many people have approached me asking exactly what steps I took to develop 4Lunch, wanting to become food entrepreneurs themselves.

Whilst other entrepreneurs probably wouldn’t openly share their ‘secret sauce’, I always set out to share knowledge. From the very get-go, I hosted market stall work placements and offered free business training workshops and mentoring to people living in Greater Manchester.


food entrepreneurs


You’ve got an idea, now what?

4Lunch has delivered the Recipe for Success course each year in Greater Manchester. We work closely with a small group of new food entrepreneurs to nurture their ideas, develop their business confidence and business knowledge.

Each idea is different, and our students come from a range of backgrounds and experiences. But what unites the group is meeting regularly to bounce ideas off each other, receiving personalised, consistent support from the course tutor and the opportunity to work on their business every week. It is easy to procrastinate on working on your business, so joining a structured programme has been immensely helpful for our students.

We ran a Recipe for Success course in Spring 2017, which ended in a pop-up restaurant fundraiser, with 50 people attending. 100% of profits made from restaurant bookings were shared among the group, with each person taking home £130 to spend on their business venture.

We’ve done it again this year, with a pop-up restaurant in Lee’s Park in Oldham in July 2018.



Making it a Success

The relationships nurtured with 4Lunch students have flourished into something truly special. One of our first students, Najwa, is now a fully established food entrepreneur, setting up her business: Sofra Cuisine & Cake, specialising in beautiful, hand-made cupcake bouquets.

Following business support from 4Lunch, Najwa was able to test her ideas and make the transition to becoming fully self-employed. She even appeared on BBC North-West to talk about the success of her business.

Najwa says:

“Before working with 4Lunch, I had no business plan in place. I just had an idea in my head. I didn’t know where to start and was looking for guidance. Meeting Amy was crucial to me pursuing my business idea.

I am now self-employed and have an accountant. I feel stronger, happy, proud, immensely confident and unique in my life. My future aims are to introduce new workshops, make a positive impact in my community by doing non-profit projects and volunteering, sharing my skills in food.”


The Recipe for Success…

  1. The motivation to learn something new
  2. Self-belief
  3. Resilience and ability to overcome challenges
  4. Support and others sharing their expertise and knowledge