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Encourage Food Enterprise

At 4Lunch, we have more than 4 years experience in using food enterprise training as a way to realise the entrepreneurial potential of the communities we work with.

The world of work is changing and starting a small business is now more achievable than ever before. The food & drink industry is incredibly diverse, growing year on year and ripe with opportunities for people to earn an income from.

As a social enterprise, we have a particular interest and passion for working with those from a disadvantaged background or living in deprived areas. It is our mission to make enterprise accessible to all, no matter what a person’s background is.

recipe for success food enterprise training

Why this course?


Tracked Learning

Progress reports and course notes across 70 lessons and 10 modules to help track learners’ progress


Transferable Skills

Prepares learners with the business skills to adapt to a changing and flexible work environment

Empower & Enable

 Encourages entrepreneurialism, increasing personal income and self-direction


Value For Money

12-month unlimited access to course materials, course updates and many hours of learning


I am deeply passionate about helping people realise their potential and supporting those who want to give entrepreneurship a go.

Since starting 4Lunch from home in 2013, I have worked with a variety of organisations to deliver food enterprise training, cookery workshops and work experience opportunities to over 550 people. I have also helped to support the development of 14 new food businesses in Greater Manchester.

The Recipe for Success E-learning course represents all the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the years, packaged up in an accessible and simple format online.

Every project is a little different, so we like to make sure we tailor our services to each client’s need. So get in touch today to find out more about what we can do for your organisation.

recipe for success food enterprise training
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Encourage Food Enterprise Training

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