4Lunch is a values-driven social enterprise. Commitment to these values is fundamental to our whole business model and to inspiring positive social change.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We believe eating well and cooking well is a fundamental part of living a healthy and happy life.
  • We believe everyone should have access to nutritious food.
  • We believe food should be valued, appreciated and never mindlessly wasted.
  • We build resilient and self-directed individuals and communities.
  • We openly share knowledge and skills with those without the financial resources or social capital.
  • Our success is based on quality relationships with our customers, collaborators, and learners.
  • As a social enterprise, we ask people to trade with us, not to donate to us.
Read our 2017 Social Value Report
Read our 2018 Social Value Report
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Volunteering with 4Lunch

We are always on the lookout for people who might be interested in supporting our community work through volunteering at our:

All opportunities are located at venues within Greater Manchester.

We work with a variety of groups, including children, families, older people, and those with mental health needs.

If you have a keen interest in food, cooking and community work, then please get in touch.

Download our Volunteer Pack
Download our Volunteer Application Form
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